Self adhesive labels

for sterilization documentation and traceability purposes


Computer labels

Computer labels are called this way because they are printed with thermotransfer or pinfeed printers connected to a computer. These labels are used for marking the trays and/or containers. Any data you need can be printed on the labels. By sticking it onto the packed instrument tray or container, the chemical indicator that is on the label indicates if the container is sterilized or not. Labels are available for all sterilization methods like steam, ethyleneoxide, formaldehyde etc.

Patient documentation labels

For a complete documentation the patient label is being placed in the center of each package or container. When the instrument tray or container is being opened in the operation room, the patient label is being taken out, the data of the patient is being entered and documented in the file. The steam integrator that is integrated on the label shows the operation team if the content of the package or container has been sterilized by steam and if the parameters have been met.