About FAMOS Medizintechnik Vertriebs GmbH

FAMOS Medizintechnik Vertriebs GmbH is the German subsidiary of FAMOS bv and was founded in 1992 in Straelen / Germany. FAMOS GmbH develops, produces and sells a wide range of sterilization & monitoring products as well as documentation & traceability products.

In the past few years monitoring, validation and documentation of the sterilization processes have become significantly more important. The reason for this is that international guidelines and standards are being implemented ever more frequently at the central sterile supply departement in hospitals nowadays. Moreover, routine check-ups are being done on a regular basis as well.

In order to guarantee that the products fulfill the aforementioned standards, Famos GmbH has implemented a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.

Over the years FAMOS GmbH has gained a lot of experience and product knowlegde which made the company well established. Its products are being marketed and sold worldwide through a distributor network in more than 40 countries nowadays. The FAMOS GmbH products range can be divided as follows:

1 Sterilization/monitoring products like:

2 Documentation / traceability products like:

  • Indicator labels
  • Patient documentation labels
  • Process documentation labels
  • Container labels
  • Label guns including matching labels

FAMOS GmbH offers a wide range of standard products. Furthermore,  its flexible production allows Famos GmbH to react to customer specific demands by offering customized product solutions and OEM products.