Famos since 1946

These are the founders of Famos b.v.
On the left is Mr. Paul Caris and on the right Mr. Jacques van Gardingen.


After founding the company on the 21st of December 1945 Famos was specialized in precision mechanical parts for companies in the surrounding of Venlo which is still the home town of Famos  until present days. During the years Famos expanded its business more and more into the medical field and became a supplier for medical furniture for sterilization department. In the year 1979 Famos introduced its first rotating heat sealing machines completely dedicated for the medical field. After these years the Famos heat sealing machines became a more and more important product for Famos and at the same time packing stations, trolleys and many other furniture also developed in a rapid stage which made Famos a very important player in the CSSD field. Many new developments where introduced by Famos and followed by many which gave Famos a pioneers role in the market.

A company group picture in its early years with on the left the grandfather of the current owner Mr. Tom J.E. van Gardingen and on the right side of him the previous owner Mr. Paul J.M.J. van Gardingen.

History of our product development

First fully electronic external printing unit developed in the market which could be used to print pacing dates expiry dates on pouches in hospitals.

F103 heat sealing machine.

F106 heat sealing machine with double internal printer.

F106DBC heat sealing machine with roller table and external printer and barcode printing functionality.

F220 Model the first heat sealing machine in the market with parameter control the new F220 model which was a revolution in heat sealing.