Packing tables & accesoires

Famos offers a large variety of worktables and packing tables which vary from very basic tables to complete workstations. Apart from fixed height packing tables Famos also has electrically height adjustable packing tables in its product range.

The worktop is standard available in three different materials: AISI 304 stainless steel, HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and Volkern. The stainless steel worktop is glued from underneath with high quality waterproof plywood.

For the easy inspection of linen Famos has designed different linen inspection tables. There are many different accessories for the packing tables available, such as swivel castors, upright partitions with hooks or solid shelves, drawer blocks, basket racks etc. Furthermore, an extensive range of module parts is available which makes it possible to create a personal packing table with a roll holder, baskets, containers etc.

The Famos packing tables are being complemented with items such as tape dispensers, chairs, and magnification lamps. To keep the wrapping paper within hands reach when packing, Famos has designed different paper trolleys. These trolleys can be completed with accessories such as bottom shelves, paper clamps etc.Each hospital or clinic has different requirements. Its flexibility allows Famos to offer a suitable solution as the Famos packing tables can be completely manufactured according to client-specific wishes.