Project Description

Open transport trolleys

Open transport trolleys which are used for the internal transportation or temporary storage of baskets and trays within the CSSD.

The open CSSD trolleys are completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel 304. The open trolleys are standard equipped with 2, 3 or 4 solid shelves which are mounted on a fixed height. The surface of the shelves is completely flat. The frame of the trolleys are made of 25x25mm stainless steel square tubing. The space between the shelves is ± 300mm. The trolleys are equipped with four Ø 100 mm swivel castors of which two are equipped with a brake. Above the castors bumpers have been placed to protect not only the trolley but the walls as well.

Upon request the trolley can equipped with push handles.

The open transport trolleys can be adapted to client specific requirements. Description Dimensions in mm LxWxH Qty
50.103.572 Open trolley with 2 shelves 1000x700x900 1
50.103.573 Open trolley with 3 shelves 1000x700x960 1
50.103.574 Open trolley with 4 shelves 1000x700x1295 1