Pre cleaning stations

Prior to sterilization and disinfection of instruments it is very important that soiled instruments are being properly cleaned first. This is being done during the pre-cleaning phase.

It is crucial that pre-cleaning is being done effectively and ergonomically, because not only does this increase the work satisfaction, but more importantly the risk of health complaints and contamination is being reduced drastically.

The Famos pre-cleaning stations have been designed for the initial cleaning of dirty instruments before the instruments are manually prepared for the washer-disinfector. The trays with dirty instruments are rinsed and ultrasonically cleaned before the staff has to touch the instruments.

This way of working offers the following advantages:

  • Blood, tissues and proteins are effectively and automatically removed.
  • A safe as possible handling of separate instruments is being created.
  • Chemical and thermal disinfection can take place more effectively.

The configuration of the pre-cleaning units is always customized by Famos depending on local requirements and standards.