Car-in-car system

The complete combination of trolleys has been designed for the transportation of dirty instruments from the operation theatre to the CSSD or vice versa without the risk of causing contamination.



Car-in-car system made of AISI 304 stainless steel which consists of the following trolleys:
Closed outer trolley, inner trolley and transport trolley for the inner trolley.

The trolleys are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The transport trolley has been designed to slide the inner trolley out of the outer trolley without lifting which prevents serious injuries from happening to the staff.

The inner trolley can be equipped with u-profiles to store baskets with flanged top wires that can be sterilized within the same rack without having to take the goods out again.

The outer trolley is equipped with a pushing bar that can be adjusted to a specific height on clients’ requirements. The closed outer trolley can be equipped with two doors which are located on the longer side of the trolley. Upon request the trolley can be equipped with an additional door on one of the shorter sides as well. When only side loading is required, the trolley can be equipped with a single door on one of the shorter side only. The doors of the outer trolley are lockable to prevent unauthorized people from opening the trolley and causing any cross-contamination within the institute. On the outer trolley two pushing bars are placed in a vertical position on both shorter sides, which makes it possible to open the doors over 270°. By placing the pushing bars like this, everybody can use the trolley, no matter how tall or short they are.

The doors are equipped with a long lasting seal that makes the trolley near to air tight.
In order to facilitate transport, the outer trolley is equipped with two Ø 200mm swivel castors which are equipped with a brake and two Ø 200mm rigid castors. In the bottom corners bumpers have been placed to protect not only the trolley but the walls as well.

In case requested, the trolleys of the car-in-car system can be equipped with special castors to make them suitable to be entered into a trolley washer / disinfector.
The car-in-car systems are completely being manufactured upon client-specific requirements.

These trolleys are being completely manufactured upon client specific requirements.