Clean-up counter for endoscopes

This clean-up counter has been especially designed to clean endoscopes.


This clean-up counter has been especially designed to clean endoscopes.

The unit is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The unit has a fixed height. Upon request it is also possible to make the pre-cleaning unit height adjustable.  The dimensions are 3700x700x900mm but can be adapted to requirements of the customer.

The worktop is equipped with a water rim at the front and sides and a 400mm backsplash at the back to prevent any spilled fluids from dripping of the unit. The clean-up counter is equipped with two stainless steel sinks, one small sink and a large one. The small sink is 400x400x250mm. At this sink one mixing tap is located.

Furthermore, a large scope sink of 2100x400x200mm is included. At the scope sink an 6636FS overhead shower with integrated mixing tap and two spray guns with ½” are mounted in the worktop. The spray guns are supplied together with matching spray gun holder and cone, 8 attachments a-h 1/2” and a metal hose of 2 meters. The spray guns are suitable for water or pressurized air.

The under structure of the clean-up counter consists of four closed cabinets with double doors. The bottom shelves of the cabinets are removable which ensures easy access to all in- and outputs. The unit is placed on a 150mm high plinth.


The endoscope clean-up counter can be completely manufactured according to client-specific requirements.