Customized pre-cleaning units with fully automatic ultrasonic cleaner with tray lift. The unit is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The worktop is equipped with a water rim and a backsplash at the back to prevent any spilled fluids from dripping onto the floor.
The unit is equipped with a built-in IND 5535 ultrasonic cleaner with a 48 liter capacity. Built-in ultrasonic cleaners with larger capacities are available as well.
The ultrasonic cleaning bath is being filled and drained automatically. Furthermore, it is equipped with a mixing system which mixes the water automatically before the ultrasonic cleaning bath is being filled. This feature shortens the
pre-heating time of the bath drastically. A detergent pump to add detergent into the ultrasonic cleaner is included as well.
The ultrasonic cleaner can be operated through a touch-screen or by means of push buttons.
The tray lift system is equipped with a removable tray rack on which two trays can be placed at the same time during the cleaning process. When opened the lid of the tray rack will be positioned in an angle of ± 30º which provides a good view on the instrument tray.
In addition the unit can be equipped with a spraying tank with tray lift or a sink bowl without tray lift.
The sink can be equipped with a personal protection shield and mixing tap. The sink can either be filled manually or automatically. Upon request the personal protection shield can be equipped with time controlled lighting and aerosol extraction system. Other accessories such as spray guns, overhead showers or hand sprays are available as well. The understructure of the unit can entirely consist of closed cabinets. Alternatively the understructure can partly consist of open cabinets with shelves or slides to accommodate instrument trays or drawer blocks.
The height of the unit can either be fixed or electrically height adjustable.