Electrically height adjustable packing table

Famos offers a large variety of fixed height worktables and packing tables.


Study of staff in their working environment made Famos develop, implement and improve comfort and efficiency in the packing area. Ergonomic considerations play an ever-increasing role in the working environment.

Not only work satisfaction can be increased, but also the risk of health complaints can be drastically reduced. A very important consideration in ensuring a good work posture is the height of the worktop .In certain circumstances a fixed alteration of the table height will not automatically lead to a lasting solution for this problem. Take the case where different people of various heights and postures are required to use the same packing table or when certain tasks are alternately performed in a standing and sitting position.

As a solution to this Famos has designed electrical height adjustable packing tables. These tables are being operated by push buttons to adjust the tabletop to a higher or lower position. The height adjustable packing table with electronic control allows a pre-set of four different heights.

The packing tables can either be supplied with 2 legs or 4 legs.

The 2 leg models have a standard height adjustment of 770-1200mm while the 4 leg models have a standard height adjustment of 800-1100mm or 850-1150mm.

The 2 leg models are equipped with two aluminium pillars with stainless steel feet. The 4 leg models are equipped with a stainless steel frame of 40x40mm with 4 pices of leveling feet.

Not only these features but also the wide range in worktop materials and dimensions, make the Famos height adjustable packing tables multifunctional.

The worktop is standard available in either AISI 304 stainless steel, HPL, Volkern or Corian. The stainless steel worktop is glued from underneath with high quality waterproof plywood.

The height adjustable tables operate on 220V-50Hz. Tables with 110V are available on request.

There are various accessories available for these tables such as an undershelf, swivel castors, upright partitions with hooks or solid shelves, drawer blocks, basket racks, pc holders, TFT screen holders, magnification lamps etc.

The Famos electrically height adjustable packing tables can be adapted to suit your requirements. Please consult us for the possibilities.