Seal tests

ISO11607-2 (Validation requirements for forming, sealing and assembly processes), requires Operational Qualification (OQ) of packaging devices to be carried out and documented.

The OQ is requiring providing proof of:

  • Intact seal for a specific seal width
  • No channels or open seals
  • No punctures or tears in seals
  • No material delaminating or separation

The OQ needs to be carried out on a daily basis to release the packaging device before use. For this purpose Famos offers two different seal tests:

The seal test and the push indicator dye test.

Seal test

The seal test is a paper test and can only be used for laminate packaging material. The parts which are sealed together are showing a darker area than the surrounding area in order to make sure that irregularities in the seal are easy to see and the complete seal can be interpreted more easily. If there is a constant darker area at the sealed location, then it can be concluded that the seal is correct. The seal test offers the following fields for documentation: Sealer number, location, date, approval and signature. When the sealer has been released for use, the seal test is being documented. For this purpose Famos offers a laminated folder. This folder is available separately or as a complete set together with one carton of seal tests.

Push indicator test

The push indicator dye test uses ink to test the quality of the seal. In contrary to many other ink tests that are available in the market, the Famos push indicator dye test does not use any pipettes or other objects, so it will not damage the seal. The push indicator dye test can be used for both laminate and Tyvek packaging material. The indicator test is being placed in a pouch before it is being sealed. After it has been sealed, you need to press on the test in the direction of the arrow. After this you need to hold the test in a straight position with the seal downwards. By doing this, the ink will get in contact with the seal and this will make any weak spots immediately visible. The push indicator dye test is being packed in a special packaging for easy applications. The ink test is packed in an aluminum package which protects the ink against light influences. Another great advantage of this test is that you can prepare and seal your test pouch in advance without the risk of leakage or migration of blue Methylene on valuable objects in your work area.