Sealers & Accessories

The Famos rotary heat sealers have been completely redesigned and are being launched under the PROTEC brand.

PROTEC has been derived from the word “protect” and symbolizes the high level of protection that is created by the seal made with the FAMOS heat sealers. PROTEC also stands for the progression that has been made technically by using state of the art components. The PROTEC sealing machines have an innovative design. The housing of the Famos rotary heat sealers has been designed out of a hygienic point of view. Surface disinfection and cleaning can be easily done due to the round corners and closed housing. Another unique feature is that the machines can be easily opened and serviced without the use any tools.

Heat Sealer (30.100.608) With Roller Table (30.100.619)

Heat Sealer (30.100.608) With Roller Table (30.100.619)


The feed-in guide is now integrated into the machine so it is not sticking out anymore. It can be simply and quickly adjusted by an easy clicking system (0-40 mm).

In addition to the PROTEC heat sealers Famos also offers the F 70 series of impulse sealers.

The F 70 series of impulse heat sealer is very suitable to use whenever small quantities of seals are being made or to seal material that cannot be sealed by rotary heat sealers. The F 70 sealers are also very suitable to seal dust covers.

The F 70 series consists of very reliable manually operated machines which are easy to use and need almost no maintenance.
It can almost seal every kind of packaging material such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Tyvek, laminated pouches, paper pouches with glue strip and many other materials.
Furthermore, it is also ideal for processing packaging material from the roll.
For this purpose, the F 70 has a built-in roll holder to pack items and a cutting device in order to separate the sealed packaging from the roll.

For the PROTEC heat sealers there are various accessories available such as roller front tables and front tables with a flat surface, label printers etc.
The PROTEC medical sealers are not equipped with an integrated roll holder.
In order to complement the PROTEC sealers Famos offers various roll holders with different cutting lengths.

For the daily Operational Qualification (OQ) of packaging devices according to ISO 11607-2 Famos offers two different seal tests: the Famos push indicator dye test and the Famos seal test.