Storage System


Storage cabinets which are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and which are easy to clean. The storage cabinets have two stainless steel doors which can be opened at 225° and which are lockable. The cabinets can be equipped with solid shelves which can be mounted on a fixed height or they can be height adjustable. Alternatively, the cabinets can be equipped with stainless steel slides to accomodate sterilization baskets. The slides can be made of u-profiles on which baskets with flanged top wires can be placed. The advantage of these u-profiles is that baskets can be drawn out partly without falling out. This is easy if goods only have to be taken out or placed into the basket without taking the complete basket out of the cabinet. Instead of u-profiles it is also possible to equip the slides with L-profiles to accomodate baskets without flanged top wires or containers. The cabinet is placed on a 100mm high plinth.


Pass-through hatches which have been designed for placement between the packing area and sterile area at the CSSD. The hatches are mounted between two walls. The transfer hatches are completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel with exception of the windows which are made of Lexan glass. The units can exist of one window or two windows. In case of two windows, they are interlocked in such a way that only one window can be opened at one time. The units can be operated either manually or electrically by means of a push button on both sides of the unit. The complete hatches will be supplied with stainless steel covers and are equipped with a force protection in order to prevent dangerous situations from happening when closing the windows while materials have been placed underneath. Instead of closed panels the understructure of the hatches can also consist of a closed cabinet. The pass-through hatches are completely manufactured upon client specific requirements.