CSSD trolleys

The Famos product range consists of a large range of CSSD trolleys. The Famos transport trolleys are all made of AISI 304 stainless steel. For the internal transport or temporary storage of baskets and trays Famos has designed a wide range of open transport trolleys. These trolleys can be equipped with solid shelves or stainless steel profiles. Empty sterilization baskets can be conveniently stored on the Famos basket trolleys. The Famos height adjustable transport trolleys are the ideal solution to load and unload sterilizer loading trolleys. As the height can be adjusted electrically to the sterilizer, heavy lifting is not necessary anymore. The Famos height adjustable trolleys are being completely adapted to the sterilizer it will be used for.

For transport of goods between the operation theatre and CSSD the Famos closed transport trolleys and car-in-car systems are the right solution.

For the transport of peracetic acid Famos has designed a special transport trolley to transport this acid in cans.

All Famos CSSD trolleys can be completely manufactured upon client specific requirements.

For the transport of sterilization baskets and other items Famos between the clean zone and sterile zone Famos offers pass-through cabinets and hatches. The Famos hatches and pass-through cabinets are completely being manufactured upon client specific requirements.